Inventory-ready Print On-demand Labels

The Problem: Pre-Printing Labels

Many companies still purchase pre-printed inventory, rather than print labels on-demand. What if something changes on the label?

The Horror: A Batch of Unusable Labels

One side effect of ordering pre-printed labels is that manufacturers often purchase excess inventory that becomes obsolete. Even worse, if there is only a minor change to an existing label, you have to toss the outdated labels.

For example, imagine if there was only a small regulatory change or a graphic change to a company logo. The extra inventory on the shelves becomes unusable labels destine for the trash. With pre-printed labels, the change will significantly impact your operations and your bottom line. It’s an unsustainable waste of money.

The Solution: Print On-demand

The best way to combat these issues is to invest in your own simple and easy to use on-demand label printing solution. Rather than waiting for a third party to design and proof your labels for you which requires lead times, you can do everything in-house and make adjustments on the fly. The benefits of on-demand printing include:

  • Print your labels at the exact time needed in the exact quantity needed
  • Easier to produce small batches
  • Add lot numbers, barcodes and other variable data
  • Enable marketing or customer-specific changes
  • No minimum order quantities and no excess inventory to be stored or wasted
  • No lead times that can affect operations and create delays

Make your life easier while saving time and money in the long run with on-demand printing.