Percy’s Porch Paint

As described in a full infographic, choosing digital, on-demand label printing is a win-win for Percy’s and their customers. 

By providing print on-demand services, Percy’s is able to create labels, make adjustments, and drastically shorten turnaround times in response to last minuet orders, changes and requests for custom orders.

Embracing Print On-demand

In addition, Percy’s has no need to carry inventories of unused pre-printed labels which represents waste, unnecessary cost, and operational inefficiency. By embracing print on-demand, Percy’s is able to capture new business and grow top of the line revenue while reducing costs at the same time.

Reduced Production Costs

Percy’s customers, on the other hand, experience the benefits that on-demand label printing provides by gaining greater flexibility, faster turnarounds, and reduced cost per label, because the cost of overall production of labels and waste disappears.

Production cost reduction benefits are in turn passed by Percy’s customers on to their customers.