High Quality Adhesive

The Problem: Labels Peeling Off

A label can’t do its job if it doesn't stay on the container at all times. However, some label materials are not up to the rigorous challenges of production and shipping, which means that they can fall off or get mangled in the process.

It all starts with a single corner peeling, and before you know it, the whole thing is coming off. In most cases, you have an ugly looking product label (where the peeled section is hanging off the container). In other instances, the label might wind up on the floor of the warehouse (or the truck), meaning that products are without any form of identification.

The Horror: Fines and Customer Dissatisfaction

Imagine that you’re shipping individually labeled items. If your labels use low-quality adhesives, or if you don’t apply them correctly, you will be creating a massive problem for you and your clients. By the time they arrive, a portion of these items could be missing labels that peeled off, and even more of them could be damaged or incomplete.

In this case, what would most likely happen is that the products will either have to be quarantined and then sent back for new labeling (which will cost time and money), or they will be discarded as they can’t be entered into inventory properly. As a result, your clients will be unhappy with the results. They will be furious that it takes even more time to get the products that they need, or they will be dissatisfied with the appearance of sloppy labels on their inventory.

Either way, it will throw a wrench into your operations and force you to spend a lot of time playing catch-up as you try to fix the problem, and time is money both for you and your client.

The Solution: High-Quality Adhesive and Proper Application

Be sure to get labels that have been rigorously tested in all kinds of environments. You want to double check to ensure that they:

  • Won’t be affected by ambient temperature
  • Work on all surfaces equally – steel, poly and fiber containers
  • Can withstand hot fill and cold storage requirements

Proper label application is also very important.

Pressure sensitive labels need to be pressed down in order to activate the adhesive properly. Make sure all edges of the labels are pressed down when being applied to the container.