No more pre-printed rolls of labels from an outside printer

You probably get pre-printed rolls of labels from an outside printer, which you keep on hand to mark and tag all of your inventory. If you have a limited variety of products, then this can be a good way of doing business, since there won’t be many adjustments between batches. 

No Need for Pre-Printed Labels

With customer needs changing all the time, there is more of a demand for unique and small-batch labels. Thus, if your outside printer requires a minimum order quantity that exceeds your production quantity, you’re stuck with rolls and rolls of extra labels. These rolls can then fade and yellow over time, or the adhesive can start to break down, rendering your pre-printed labels unusable. 

Even if you get a price break for printing in bulk, you’ll wind up eating part of those savings by tossing the excess labels. While you could save the labels for future inventory, that just means that you need to make room for storage and organization. 

Overall, it’s much better to print on-demand because then you don’t have to worry about any of these issues brought on by your pre-printed label inventory.

On-Demand labels are blank, and one size would be used for a variety of products for that particular size or container. You will simply print as many labels as you need when you need them and eliminates the need for pre-printed labels.

Eliminate Pre-Printed Labels

Small batch labeling with on-demand printing provides a powerful competitive advantage to satisfy current accounts and to gain new customers. No matter what your customers want or need, small batch on-demand printing lets you provide it without any delays or problems.