Up-To-Date and On-demand Printing

The Problem: Non-Compliant Labels

As new regulations evolve and change, it’s imperative that your company stay apprised to ensure that your labels are compliant. Compliance is especially important if you are shipping overseas, as they are held to a much stricter standard.

If you don’t keep up with regulatory changes, you could find yourself in hot water with the federal government, which could spell disaster for your business.

The Horror: Government Fines and Fees

In a worst-case scenario, you could wind up with a serious fine that will eat into your bottom line. Worse yet, you could be prevented from shipping products to your customers and, as a result, lose those customers.

Either way, you’re looking at some severe damage to your business. Not only will you be scrambling to fix the issue, but it could hurt your reputation, both with clients and associates. Recovering from such a setback could be overwhelming and threaten the foundation of your company.

The Solution: Up-to-Date and On-demand Printing

First, to ensure that you don’t experience this problem, you either want to have an in-house team that will monitor and respond to changes in the law or you can rely on a reputable outside resource that will take care of all of regulatory issues for you.  

By choosing an external source, you can ensure that your labels are always up to date and compliant.

Second, printing your labels on-demand lets you respond more nimbly to any regulatory changes that affect your labels. Industry-focused label suppliers are valuable partners in this aspect of your business. If you manufacture hazardous materials, like chemicals, the risk is too high to play fast and loose with regulations; so relying on a supplier that knows the requirements inside and out is going to provide you with peace of mind.